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Comprehensive Long-Term Environmental Action Navy (CLEAN) IV – GIS Support

  • Comprehensive Long-Term Environmental Action Navy (CLEAN) IV – GIS Support

Under the Kleinfelder and CH2M HILL Joint Venture, Kleinfelder provided a full range of GIS support services for this five-year, $100 million environmental investigation contract. GIS played an integral role in supporting remediation activities, from sampling and field investigation to production of report figures, analysis, and web mapping.

A Large Program Requiring Efficient Data Management

GIS support on the CLEAN IV program was spread over more than 20 different US Navy facilities, each having multiple remediation sites with active efforts. The size of the program and number of specialty areas requiring GIS support for specific site reports and field investigations highlighted a need to consolidate and standardize the data flowing in from many disparate sources. The technical requirements necessitated intensive attention to detail and a focus on workflow efficiency.

Efficiency Through a Centralized Approach

In order to support the high volume of GIS support requests, uniform data standards were developed and centralized datasets were created for each facility and site. Source datasets were put through rigorous quality control, leading to the discovery of discrepancies, thus saving the client thousands of dollars. The efficiency gained in this centralized approach allowed the project teams to meet deadlines under compressed schedules, focus on analysis and innovation, and deliver consistent, high quality products to the Navy.

Project Results

The approach used to execute GIS work under the CLEAN IV program provided the Navy with a reliable body of facility and environmental data that had not been available before.  Consistent data enabled highly accurate spatial analysis and visualization of remediation activities throughout the production of over 5,000 figures.

Project Details

Southwest U.S., Hawaii, and Mariana Islands

NAVFAC Southwest

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