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CO2 Loop Analysis

  • CO2 Loop Analysis
  • CO2 Loop Analysis
  • CO2 Loop Analysis
  • CO2 Loop Analysis
  • CO2 Loop Analysis

Kleinfelder provided electrical system analysis of a 115 kV transmission system loop to determine the impact of an industrial load client self-generating and taking ownership of  the transmission line loop. Our work involved alternative transmission line sources to feed other existing customers on the loop. We also generated an ETAP model to run load flow cases for evaluating various system configurations and scenarios, impacts to substations, and a cost-benefit analysis of the options.

Remote Customer Locations

Rarely does ownership of a transmission line changes hands, and when it does, most customers move to the new owner. In this case, there is a small number of customers that are located far away from any of the new owner’s transmission lines. Our client is required to serve these customers and must find the most viable and economical way to do so.

A Cost-Saving Solution

Kleinfelder leveraged its expertise and innovation to develop a comprehensive computer model of the transmission line loop and existing customers, offering alternative solutions to identify the best options. We also analyzed the existing physical infrastructure for each option to determine the most viable and economical solutions, and then provided recommendations to our client. In one instance, Kleinfelder determined all that was needed was to close in a breaker, eliminating any additional cost to serve the customer.

Project Results

To serve the client’s newly acquired customers, Kleinfelder recommended building a transmission line in an existing right-of-way, which would minimize clearing costs. The line would originate at a substation with an empty bay, further minimizing construction expansion costs. In addition, operating the system with a “closed” ( versus “open”) breaker would enable service to other customers.

Project Details

Cortez, Colorado

Empire Electric Cooperative

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