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City of Garden Grove Reservoir Assessments

  • City of Garden Grove Reservoir Assessments
  • City of Garden Grove Reservoir Assessments
  • City of Garden Grove Reservoir Assessments

Kleinfelder served as the Prime consultant for the assessments of eight reservoirs in the City of Garden Grove. Our team provided reservoir and site observations, structural and seismic analysis, improvement and upgrade recommendations, and a capital improvement plan to assist the City with budgeting and scheduling for future projects.

Unexpected Obstacles

The City’s eight concrete reservoirs—a combined storage capacity of more than 50 million gallons—are between 15 and 50 years old, many of which did not meet current design codes. Furthermore, during initial site observations, the Kleinfelder team discovered that half of the reservoirs were buried under community parks and recreational areas—meaning analysis and any remediation work would take place in busy public settings and require additional strategizing.

Meeting Standards Safely

Working with the City, Kleinfelder developed a comprehensive plan to retrofit and repair the buried reservoirs with minimal impact to the recreational areas. Our team then performed a full seismic analysis for each reservoir, including checks for pre-stressed and cantilever concrete walls, two-way roof slabs, columns, and foundations. After the supplementary structural analysis revealed further deteriorating conditions, the team provided options—such as epoxy crack injection, composite fiber wrapping, and seismic curbs—for addressing distress and corrosion.

Project Results

With a range of solutions to choose from—each that adhered to current design standards—the City was able to select the recommended structural improvements that best fit its future budgets. Kleinfelder’s comprehensive analyses provided a reliable foundation for the City’s long-term water security at an approachable cost.

Project Details

Garden Grove, California

City of Garden Grove

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