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City of Cambridge Visualization

  • City of Cambridge Visualization
  • City of Cambridge Visualization
  • City of Cambridge Visualization

Kleinfelder’s 3D team was engaged by the City of Cambridge to assemble an animation that details the sequence of events for the replacement and updating of underground piping in a residential neighborhood. The goal is to help residents be more aware of the underground work being done in their neighborhood and why it is taking place.

Animating a Complicated Story

Specifically, the project was initiated to give residents an overall understanding of the work taking place, as well as set expectations for completion time. Kleinfelder’s 3D team needed to create a stylized look that fit the overall “story” it was trying to tell. As with most design projects, there must be a hard stop in terms of number of edits. For this project, our client was happy with the number of upgrades our 3D team addressed and made reality through the animation. Although our team is happy to continue to add detail, there can only be so many details added before key information is lost.

Attention To Detail

Kleinfelder put together a sequenced time-lapse animation of how the events would unfold for the interchanging of various pipes in a residential area of Cambridge. There were extensive early meetings with project stakeholders to understand the proper sequencing for the interchanging of pipes. Our 3D team also solicited feedback on small details, such as the look of the street, the colors of the construction machinery, and ambient objects, such as vehicles, people, and pets.

Project Results

Kleinfelder kept the client regularly informed throughout the creation process, responding to feedback and making changes to meet the client’s needs.  Because there was no hard deadline for the majority of the project, the client was able to customize the final project and incorporate a lot of updates. The client was very pleased with the final result, as Kleinfelder was able to meet its schedule and budget with a high-quality deliverable.

Project Details

Cambridge, Massachusetts

City of Cambridge

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