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Cell Towers Photo Simulation

  • Cell Towers Photo Simulation
  • Cell Towers Photo Simulation

Kleinfelder’s 3D team was tasked with creating photo-real images demonstrating how newly placed cell towers would appear on the corridor of the fast rail system running through Denver. The government officials who approved the project wanted additional visual evidence to validate their decision.

Congested Site Context

Typically, the 3D team is able to take high-quality photos onsite. In this case, photos were provided to the 3D team. Not being familiar with the area, the 3D team had to conduct up-front due diligence to become more familiar with the layout and how to best display the proposed catenary and cell towers. Additionally, some of the images chosen were populated with heavy construction materials, making it difficult to display a proposed area that looks clean.

Eliminating Construction Objects for Clarity

Our 3D team in Cambridge spoke extensively with stakeholders in Denver to gain a better understanding of the layout of the area and to choose the best photos for the final deliverables. Furthermore, the 3D team spent time in Google maps and GIS databases to understand the layout. In order to get the final images to look clean, the 3D team had to make some heavy edits in Photoshop to eliminate any and all construction objects from the existing site.

Project Results

Kleinfelder provided several different versions of photo-real images for the key sites. The photos were well received, enabling our client and government officials to see how the proposed cell towers would blend in with the current surroundings. By delivering more detailed visual evidence than what is normally provided, Kleinfelder helped solidify confidence in the decision to build, while reducing risk of potential delays and cost of rework later on.

Project Details

Denver, Colorado

City of Denver

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