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Camino Del Mar Bridge Replacement

  • Camino Del Mar Bridge Replacement
  • Camino Del Mar Bridge Replacement
  • Camino Del Mar Bridge Replacement

Kleinfelder is the prime consultant on the City of Del Mar’s Camino Del Mar Bridge Replacement project. This project includes preliminary structural assessment and seismic retrofit strategy for the 11-span, reinforced concrete, T-Beam bridge constructed in 1932 and widened in 1952.

Site Constraints and Challenges

The bridge is located within the tidal zone at the mouth of the San Dieguito Lagoon and functions as a component of the recent San Dieguito Wetlands Restoration Project. Avoidance of negative impacts to sediment transport, flooding, and tidal flow were major considerations. The Sufficiency Rating (SR) is 61.5, and the bridge is classified as structurally deficient primarily due to the poor structural condition of the superstructure. In addition, the site may have the potential for seismically induced liquefaction, lateral spreading, and significant scour during major storm events.

A Dependable Structure for the Next 20 Years Plus

The Kleinfelder team has conducted a preliminary structural assessment of the bridge to determine the range of feasible alternatives (retrofit, rehabilitation, and replacement) that will remove the bridge from the Federal Highway Bridge Program’s “Eligible Bridge List” and provide a safe and dependable structure for the next 20 years or more. We are also working with the City and the project stakeholders to determine the preferred alternative considering structural performance, environmental impacts, permitting, cost, public convenience, delivery schedule, and risk management.

Project Results

After preliminary structural assessments were conducted a bridge replacement was identified as the preferred solution to move forward into the Environmental and Preliminary Design phase.

Project Details

Del Mar, California

City of Del Mar

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