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Cameron Park Rock Engineering

  • Cameron Park Rock Engineering
  • Cameron Park Rock Engineering
  • Cameron Park Rock Engineering
  • Cameron Park Rock Engineering

For its 2010 Centennial Celebration, the City of Waco sought redevelopment of Cameron Park, which needed replacement of security walls along its scenic limestone cliffs. Kleinfelder teamed with Jacobs/Carter & Burgess to design systems for improving public safety at the cliffs by performing rock engineering investigations and designing rock cliff improvements.

Designing Safe Rock Cliff Improvements

Old masonry rock walls had been built along the brow of the cliff slopes to keep people away from the edges. Portions of these were failing due to age and failure of key rock blocks, destabilizing the foundation. With concern for people visiting the cliff tops and trails below – where loose rocks could fall and hit them – the City of Waco planned to construct new walls based on safe setbacks from the brow of the cliffs.

Rebuilding Security Walls and Observation Areas

Kleinfelder’s team of rock engineering specialists performed geologic and engineering investigations of the cliffs. This detailed information was then analyzed to determine the stability of the cliffs for design of the rock wall and overlook improvements. Services included detailed mapping of three cliff overlook areas, analyses of the rock stability, and recommendations for rebuilding security walls and observation areas.

Project Results

Based on Kleinfelder’s analyses, the city implemented recommended foundation options for fencing design and trimmed the cliffs to remove brush, rock overhangs, and loose debris that posed rock fall hazards. This provided greater safety at the cliffs, as well as improved, lasting aesthetics for one of the country’s great public parks.

Project Details

Waco, Texas

City of Waco

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