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Bradley Security Building

  • Bradley Security Building
  • Bradley Security Building
  • Bradley Security Building

The Bradley Security Building provides new housing for the Connecticut State Police (CSP) Troop, whose mission is the security of the Bradley International Airport. The current CSP operations are in the last occupied space in Terminal B. The new building allows CSP facilities to permanently relocate so that Terminal B can be demolished for planned airport expansion.

Budget and Schedule Constraints

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT) was under pressure to build a state-of-the-art police and communications facility on a small footprint, on a limited budget, and within an accelerated schedule so that construction could begin at the onset of the next building season. This required the design process to continue non-stop through the review periods, contrary to normal ConnDOT practices. Due to the fast-track schedule required, this project was performed under an On-Call Architecture and Engineering contract.

Coordination, Cooperation, and Communication

Though relatively small (4,000 square feet), the new security building supports several uses, including general office, dispatch and communications, detention, evidence, and firearms storage, while also providing a public interface. Balancing the needs of these disparate functions and security protocols within budget was accomplished by fully understanding the requirements of both CSP and ConnDOT, then actively managing their input and expectations. Close coordination, cooperation, and communication between CSP, ConnDOT, and Kleinfelder were keys to the success of this project.

Project Results

As lead designer, Kleinfelder not only met all project milestones, but also delivered final plans ahead of schedule. This allowed bidding and building construction to begin at favorable times, which in turn will enable the CSP to vacate Terminal B and let the replacement project progress without delay.

Project Details

Windsor Locks, Connecticut

Connecticut Department of Transportation

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