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Baseline Road Interchange Visualization

  • Baseline Road Interchange Visualization
  • Baseline Road Interchange Visualization
  • Baseline Road Interchange Visualization

Our client wanted to show the end result of an upgraded highway interchange in Rancho Cucamonga, California, via 3D renderings. The roadways were being transformed from a simple, straight-forward layout to a complex network of interweaving highways.

Meeting a Tight Deadline

Kleinfelder’s biggest challenge was meeting a tight deadline without having up-to-date CAD plans. Furthermore, our 3D team was unable to take our own high-resolution photos, limiting availability of imagery. Lastly, our client wanted to show heavy landscaping throughout the area, though plants and trees can “bog” down a 3D scene.

A Creative Way to Display Plant Life

Kleinfelder’s 3D team worked diligently to retrieve the proper CAD designs from the client. Our team used available photos, combined with Google maps, to build familiarity with the topology. This led the to a
creative way of showing low polygon plant life, using pre-programed functions to evenly disburse plant life in specific areas. In addition to saving ample time, versus placing each plant individually, this function also gave the plant life a natural look.

Project Results

The client was pleased with the final renderings, as they clearly detailed the proposed look of the interchange—from the highway itself down to the surrounding landscaping. Specifically, the images helped stakeholder perspective, contributing to a better understanding of the project and its benefits, and thus keep it moving forward smoothly.

Project Details

Rancho Cucamonga, California

Baseline Road Interchange

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