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American Canyon High School

  • American Canyon High School
  • American Canyon High School
  • American Canyon High School
  • American Canyon High School
  • American Canyon High School

In 2010, the Napa Valley Unified School District completed the construction of a $121 million modernized high school campus in American Canyon, California. The school’s new environmentally friendly buildings include photovoltaic roof panels and a geothermal exchange system that incorporates 350-foot-deep wells used for reducing heating and cooling costs.

Uncovering Toxic Substances

One of the first new schools built in the district in many years, the project involved the construction of several new state-of-the-art buildings. Building construction materials included a combination of welded steel beams and columns, wood and metal framing, steel-reinforced concrete foundations, and concrete slabs-on-grade. In addition, during pre-construction environmental investigations, Kleinfelder confirmed that soil throughout the construction site contained naturally occurring asbestos (NOA) at concentrations above the Department of Toxic Substance Control’s (DTSC) school site regulatory limits.

Remediation, Prevention, and Construction

Kleinfelder prepared a Supplemental Site Investigation and site conceptual model to map the various occurrences of NOA, as well as a Remedial Action Workplan. Working closely with the district, DTSC, and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, Kleinfelder created a plan for handling NOA soil, monitoring dust and airborne asbestos during construction of the school, and developing an Operations and Maintenance Plan to prevent future exposure of students and staff. During construction, Kleinfelder provided materials testing and inspection services for the new buildings.

Project Results

Kleinfelder’s expertise and close coordination with the district, regulatory agencies, and project architects enabled the district to open the school on schedule in the fall of 2010. Completed in 2009, the remedial action is now one of DTSC’s example projects for capping asbestos in soil without expensive transportation and disposal.

Project Details

American Canyon, California

Napa Valley Unified School District

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