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Staff Recognized for Stewardship of Kleinfelder's Safety Program (LPS™)

Friday, 10 August 2018

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James Ford – Recognized for His Dedication to Safety and Stewardship of Kleinfelder’s Safety Program 

James, an environmental professional in our Denver office, exemplifies what dedication to safety looks like.  In the office, James participates in routine Loss Prevention Self-Assessment (LPSA) discussions pertaining to maintenance and calibration of field equipment and vehicles, and engages others to conduct Loss Prevention Observations (LPO) and Near Loss Investigations (NLI).  His attention to detail and scrutiny of our data and reporting revolves around a dedication to no losses on our deliverables.  In the field, James participates on two levels.  First, he diligently reviews appropriate Job Loss Analyses (JLA), conducts tailgates and LPSAs with co-workers, and reviews project scoping documents.  In addition, James participates in the overall safety of the site, encouraging our client and associated subcontractors to commit to a higher level of safety.  Finally, James routinely shares his lessons learned with the rest of his team and office.  “The Colorado Area is proud to recognize James’ efforts and dedication to Kleinfelder’s Loss Prevention System (LPS™)!” said Matt Zoss, Area Manager.


Roderick Swan – Recognized for Safety Mentorship 

Roderick Swan, an Environmental Scientist and Geologist in our Exton, PA office, is recognized for his safety mentorship to Quinn Ulrich, an environmental intern.  Roderick took it upon himself to take on the role of LPS™/Health and Safety Mentor, teaching Quinn about Kleinfelder’s LPS™ Program and imparting the value of performing LPSAs before starting any activity, whether at a project site or at home.  When Quinn was recognized for “taking Kleinfelder safety home,” having applied safe parking practices and use of the vehicle 360 walk-around magnet after work hours, Quinn credited Roderick for being his biggest LPS™ influence.  In addition to serving as a Health and Safety Mentor, Roderick brings lessons learned to his colleagues through safety shares/alerts, is proactive about engaging health and safety management in field work planning, and is diligent about identifying JLAs and scheduling LPOs for situations that pose unique hazards.


Dennis Folsom – Recognized for Ongoing Safety Stewardship

Dennis Folsom, is a QA Manager in our Construction Management (CM) Service Program in Augusta, ME.  He’s an active steward of safety, chairing the Construction LPS™ monthly meetings, sharing follow-up meeting discussions by email each month, and ensuring safety shares are distributed to all field staff.  Dennis also delegates and conducts Manager Site Visits and LPOs, and asks about LPSA use when making field site visits with our CM staff working in all parts of Maine.  During his site visits he checks for PPE use and site condition assessment on very active construction sites, including several sites around “live” traffic corridors.  “Dennis’ safety stewardship has helped contribute to completing the first three months of FY19 with no recordable injuries in the CM Program.  Great Job Dennis and CM Team!” (Matt Steele, Area Manager ME/NH)


Kevin Sapp – Recognized for Taking Safety to a Personal Level

Kevin, a Senior Project Manager/Construction Quality Assurance Manager in our Seattle, WA office, effectively stewards safety by checking in with Construction Materials Engineering and Testing (CoMET) staff daily and showing an interest in team members’ state-of-mind, in addition to the more “tangible” safety issues. By taking an interest in them, their projects and personal lives, Kevin often learns of potential safety issues proactively. This allows him to help staff identify issues at work or home that may lead to incidents and work with them to come up with a solution to prevent the potential risks from occurring. Essentially, Kevin performs LPSAs constantly, looking at all angles of a situation in order to keep his staff safe.


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