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Massport and Kleinfelder Recognized with Project Achievement Award from CMAA New England

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

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BOSTON, Massachusetts—Kleinfelder’s work on the Massport Coastal Flooding Resiliency Project (CFRP) has been recognized for excellence once again – this time receiving a Project Achievement Award for program management from the New England chapter of Construction Management Association of America (CMAA).

According to CMAA, “Each year project teams take on the toughest challenges the New England Region can throw at them.  From the design and engineering to the construction means and methods, all the players in this industry have a role to play to bring about the required solutions.  CMAA New England wants to recognize this dedication and hard work by acknowledging the projects and the project teams that make it all happen.”

Andre Martecchini (Project Manager) and Nasser Brahim (Deputy Project Manager) will accept the award at the 23rd Annual Award Luncheon on May 3, 2017 in Boston.

The Massachusetts Port Authority or “Massport” is implementing strategies to become more resilient to flooding, building on previous climate assessments and planning supported by Kleinfelder. Through the Coastal Flood Resiliency Project, Kleinfelder helped Massport design and implement physical floodproofing systems and flood operations plans to help protect critical infrastructure at Logan Airport and Maritime facilities in the Port of Boston.

Kleinfelder designed deployable flood barrier systems, permanent flood doors, backflow preventers, and emergency electrical systems for Massport’s 10 most vulnerable critical assets. In addition, Kleinfelder and Massport developed Coastal Flood Operations Plans that scale to over 90 actions, across 50 sites, starting 72 hours in advance of flooding, and carrying through early recovery.

CFRP is the first proactive coastal flood resiliency program implemented by a major port authority in the United States. Traditionally, programs of this nature are carried out after a disaster. Despite close calls, Massport has never experienced a major flood. The odds of one occurring, however, are increasing due to sea level rise and extreme storm surge. With Massport’s leadership and Kleinfelder’s technical support, CFRP has substantially increased Massport’s resiliency to climate change impacts.

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