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Kleinfelder's Austin Office Hosts Technician/Inspector Training Classes, Facilitating Incentivized Career Growth While Increasing the Pool of Qualified Resources to Serve Clients

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

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AUSTIN, Texas - With the City of Austin and other local building jurisdictions now enforcing use of certified inspectors/technicians on permitted projects, Kleinfelder’s Austin office saw an opportunity to invest in their employees by holding certification training classes in the office.

The first course the office hosted was an International Code Council, Reinforced Concrete Special Inspection course.  Classes were held on Monday evenings between 5pm and 9pm in the Austin office.  The classes focused on structural plans review and questions as well as building code review and questions.  Participants were required to complete intense homework assignments that were corrected in the next class period. 

After the month long course, participants began testing for the national certifications, with a high pass rate from those who took the course.  In addition to obtaining nationally recognized certifications that advance their careers, the staff are also incentivized when they attain the certification.

This program has proven to be very successful. Not only do the technicians/inspectors enhance their qualifications, but they increase Kleinfelder’s ability to better serve our clients.

Thank you Jeremy Larsen for serving as the course instructor, and congratulations to the class participants on furthering their careers!

  • Landon Lancaster
  • Ben Baugh
  • Ben Cosson
  • Garrett Larsen

Interested in a career providing materials testing and special inspection?  We have open positions in our nationwide offices/labs, including our Austin office!  Apply HERE.

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